Children’s literature and Translation
دوشنبه 15 تير 1394 - 8:30:46 PM
پايگاه اطلاع رساني صنعت ترجمه

       Children’s literature plays an important role in developing their character. Reading book causes better understanding of the world. It’s obvious that translation is one of the ways to communicate and transfer information between children in the world. Then, it is possible that each translator faces problems in the field of children’s translation literature. This paper aims to discuss issues related to children`s literature and translation. In addition, we discuss major elements of children`s literature, including readability, speakability, and ideology. In this genre, we also study the strategies that some scholars proposed for translating children’s books.

Key words: children’s literature, translation, readability, speakability, ideology


شما عزيزان مي توانيد فصلنامه «صنعت ترجمه» را از يکي از روش هاي زير تهيه نماييد:

1.       کيوسک هاي روزنامه فروشي در سراسر کشور

2.       نمايندگي هاي فروش در دانشگاه ها

3.       کتابفروشي هاي منتخب و

4.       تماس با دفتر مرکزي



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