Audiovisual translation and translation of sound in films
چهارشنبه 1 شهريور 1396 - 3:39:51 PM
پايگاه اطلاع‌رساني صنعت ترجمه

This paper presents the focus on audiovisual translation and translation of sound. its kinds and phases of performance, and translation strategies applied produced by technical and problems of audiovisual products which translators face however translating Films have become an important part of life. They have dissimilar tasks. Audiovisual and sounds translation is one of the earliest topic of Translation and studies. The research of which is aimed at the consequences of translators’ activity.


 براي مطالعه متن کامل اين مقاله، صنعت ترجمه را تهيه فرمائيد.

اين فصلنامه از طريق يکي از روش هاي زير قابل تهيه است:

وب­گاه صنعت ترجمه:

  تماس با تلفن دفتر مرکزي:


  دفتر شماره 2:


  صفحه رسمي اين نشريه در فيسبوک


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